Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 9 synopsis "They snooze you loose"

Sonia Aldape

Chapter 9 Tapping emotion

Are we teachers teaching only content or are we also teaching students good citizenship? In this chapter, it mentions that many times our profession blinds us from touching the affective side of our audience or students. We must keep in mind that our love, kindness, and caring will project if we take a little time to listen to our audience and students. It is recommended that by using feeling words it will have a memorable impact on the audiences and students long term memory. Several web 2.0 tools are pointed out as awesome (wordle and slideshare) to implement the exposure of feeling words in the classroom. Therefore, the retention of the content will have long lasting impact because they will be able to relate with the content. “If the information somehow touches you personally, you’ll remember it.”1 Throughout the book it is suggested that by incorporating images, music and feeling words the overall presentation will have a greater impact as well as be a memorable experience for the audience.


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