Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chapter 7 synopsis "They snooze you loose"

Sonia Aldape

Chapter 7 Starting with images

Have you ever seen a picture or image posted and had to make an assumption about the message it is trying to portray. In chapter 7 the author describes how pictures and images help students retain information being taught in the classroom. As a teacher we are always looking for ways to improve student learning, so several activities are suggested using pictures to teach “point of view” and “inference”. “Research has found that visuals can improve learning, but only if they illustrate the point you are making,…if they tell a major part of the story as they communicate information through the visual channel in synch with your verbal explanation, but not when pictures are added for decorative effect.”1 When creating a classroom presentation it is recommended that you focus on the visuals that will be placed on the slides, the amount of text on each slide, and the size and placement of the image or picture. "Research has demonstrated that humans process visuals sixty thousand times faster than text."2 As a final point, it is without a doubt that if images and a small amount of text is used in the presentation there will be better retention in long term memory.

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2 3M Corporation research cited in “Polishing Your Presentation,” 3M Meeting Network Articles & Advice, 2001[Online article was posted at :].

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