Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chapter 3 synopsis "They snooze you lose"

Sonia Aldape

Chapter 3 Celebrating Presenters

As presenters we must step back and reflect at the times we have had to do a presentation, and learn from the outcome of the overall experience to improve. In chapter 3, the author makes reference to three broad categories that presenters display in front of an audience as well as some tips and strategies that can be utilized to enhance as a presenter. First of all, we must determine which type of presenter we portray during assembly for example: lecturer, entertainer, motivational, or a combination of all. As a lecturer you must keep in mind that the audience will disconnect if too much information is presented without tapping into their multiple intelligences as suggest by Howard Gardner. The second type of presenter is the entertainer which will give a performance which will take you in a state of relaxation. “Instead of rising about thought [into a state of awareness and heightened Being], you have fallen below it.”1 The last type of presenter is the educator which has the responsibility to teach the students and ensure that they retain and apply what they have learned whether, they are adults or youngsters. Throughout the chapter there are tips and strategies suggested for the educators to apply in the classroom to teach their students become excellent presenters in their journey of learning. The author presents movies and business men in our society that have used strategies and tips to become amazing presenters. Some strategies mentioned are Teach it Forward (TIF), 10 tips from Steve Jobs, ask for feedback from the audience three months before the presentation and multiple intelligences. By applying what the author suggests in this chapter you will be able to transform your presenter skills.
1 Tolle, Eckhart, A New Earth, p. 229.

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