Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chapter 8 synopsis "They snooze you loose"

Sonia Aldape

Chapter 8 Playing Music

Many people would agree that music will motivate and take you into another world. In this chapter of the book, the author demonstrates several real life instances in which a movie, play, and presentation stimulated the audience’s willingness to engage. “According to Weinberger, “to supply the actual emotional states and feelings [the audience needs] to identify with [the action] and the characters involved.”1 We must take into consideration that if music is selected to convey and support the presentation it will influence the receptiveness of the audience. Therefore, the music selected for the presentation must tap into the audience’s positive emotions rather than the negative emotions. It is also recommended that students must have consistency if music is played in the classroom for instance: same music to be played during learning and recall tests, the tempo of the music, and mood of the topic correspond to the music. In conclusion, if the music is selected thoughtfully, responsibly, and purposely the audience will walk away feeling enlighten and energized with information.


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